NOTE: The video content of this post is NSFW and if you’re sensitive to cursing you should probably not listen. Although if you’re sensitive to cursing you’re at the wrong blog.

So much to talk about, all sorta kinda writing related, which is good enough for me. First of all this has been a bad year for celebrity deaths. Two of the celebrities I admire most have died so far. First was Sir Arthur C. Clarke I wrote about that already. Well this week a different kind of legend passed away, George Carlin died at age 71. For those of you who don’t know him, peep this video.


Now Jeff and I have this game we’ve played pretty much since we started hanging out. We try to sneak Carlin quotes by each other. So far neither of us has been stumped. Let’s face it, the guy has great material and if we can claim some of it as our own in casual conversation, we’re totally not above that. The point here is Carlin has definitely had an impact on my life. Carlin just tells it like it is with a bit of flare (ok a lot of flare). Several years ago I took my mom to see him live for her birthday. The man did not disappoint. He was working on a new HBO special and the new material was some of the best he’s done. Half the material was old stuff, but I never get tired of hear Carlin tell his jokes. The man was just so animated on stage, I was worn out just watching. The bottom line is I’m sad I’ll never get to see him on stage again.

OK, a quick blurb about something more positive. I saw Hulk, it was fucking awesome. They setup not only the Avengers movie but a Hulk sequel. Edward Norton was excellent and Liv Tyler didn’t fuck it up. Highly recommended. Definitely check out Wanted this Friday as well, I’m thinking it might kick ass. One last video link.