Vision of A Dream

I said I’d blog today, I didn’t know it would be a poem. Yesterday afternoon I heard something that sparked a thought, as I went to bed last night it nagged at me. Today I felt I just needed to write something about it. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it. It’s different from the things I usually write and I’m curious about what people will think about it and how it will be interpreted.

The vision shimmers and fades into view
Soft flowing lines in perfect compliment
Surrounded by ethereal glow
A fragile illusion of a dream

A step toward illusions and dreams
A step closer but harder to see
Vision moves and lines blur
A breath of fantasy stirs the ether

Lines drift and form anew
An ever changing vision of a dream
Words and deeds bring truth
Illusion flickers and dims

The ethereal gives way to form
Eyes alight on unseen visions
Illusions become dreams undiscovered
Time begins to flow

New dreams are built from truth
Illusion becomes a memory
Form becomes beauty
True discovery begins