Pantheons Rewrite

Pantheons is a project I started throwing around in the early days of Serial Fiction. It was actually something I considered doing instead of Push, but it never made it past the plotting stage. تاريخ بايرن ميونخ I quickly realized how intense the project would be. The project deals with the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian and Aztec gods. As I worked out the plot I realized there was going to be a lot of research and that it was going to become a truly epic story. So I put the notes into my stuff to do later folder and concentrated on Atlantis. When Jeff and I decided to do NaNoWriMo in 2006 I decided to revisit Pantheons. During that course of NaNo I wrote over 60,000 words of the story. Then, because that kind of blitz burns a guy out, I shelved it again. I’ve done very little writing in the last year and a half. قواعد البلاك جاك

The other day I had a breakthrough while I was driving home. مسابقات اون لاين I saw a personalized plate that just sort of made everything fall into place to make Pantheons the story I really wanted to tell. So I borrowed an element from the very first Serial Fiction story we ever worked on, a story called Heroes 101 which Jeff and I were writing together. So I took a key concept from that and now I’m doing a ground up rewrite. New main character, new direction for the first half of the story, now I just have to write it.