More poetry

I’ve had a lot of thinking to do lately and as often happens it inspired me to write more personal things than fiction. I figured I would share a poem I wrote. I figure if this is supposed to be a writing blog the least I can do is share a little more often.

By Josh Curry

When I look at you I see the future
I see the future I want for you
I see the future you deserve
I want to make sure you get it

You shook me from my slumber
My dreary trudge from day to day
You made me realize what we deserve
You made me realize what we can have

You gave me strength to make choices
The hard ones and scary ones
You gave me courage to make it through
When it seemed the world was falling away

Your smile and laughter inspire me
Your faith and love lead me to myself
A me I lost long ago
In sorrow and in sadness

You make me look inside myself
You make me a better person
A better father
A better friend

I would do anything for you
I will protect you as best I can
And when I can’t
I’ll be there for anything you need