Wheels Within Wheels

Lately I’ve refocused my writing efforts and in the process I’ve realized I’m really a short story writer. If I look back it’s obvious, while I have ideas that are certainly meant for novels, those are the ideas I’ve had the most trouble putting to paper. My most successful writing has been serials, which I tend to write as a series of short stories. So I’m working on short stories, some of them pulp in nature others more mundane.

The pulp stories I’m working on are part of a larger project which I won’t discuss right now. Let’s just say it’s something that builds on things I’ve been working on for the last 5 years and if Rick and I can ever get time to bounce ideas back and forth we could have something very interesting. Among those pulp ideas is an Atlantis relaunch with a short story style and without cliff hangers. There is also an Atlantis spinoff in the works. Beyond that all I’ll say is I’m excited to see where this leads.

The more mundane stuff is actually the biggest challenge for me. There is no magic, no super advanced technology, no psychic powers, no monsters or strange beasts. There are also no explosions or fight scenes. In short none of the crutches I’ve so often fallen back on. These are character stories, they’re a great exercise and a great place for me to tell some of the meaningful and interesting stories I’ve wanted to tell which would be weighed down by the sci-fi and fantasy settings. My plan is to publish these mundane stories in various e-book formats right here on this site. For free. Yes free.

So why free? It’s really simple, I’d love to make money as a writer and I would love to do it for a living. In the end though people reading my work is more important. Sure I hope to someday be published by one of the big publishing companies, but until that day I want as many people to read my work as possible. I also want them to comment on it, feedback helps me become a better writer. So as soon as the first story is ready for prime time I’ll publish it here. What about the sci-fi and pulp stuff? Well it’ll have a very different home in due course.

So my evolution as a writer is continuing and I’m excited to see where it all leads me. I’m also doing poetry still, just not quite as much. For some reason I’ve lost a bit of my inspiration and drive to write poetry. I’m also doing a lot of reading, but I’ll save that’s another discussion. Anyway, keep an eye here for some gripping and interesting short stories.