The Writerly Cast Ep. 3

Alright, it’s that time of the month again, this is the Writerly cast. Before I get down to the show notes though I wanted to mention (to those of you just following the podcast feed) that I’ve started doing a lot of actual blogging on Maximum Geek. I’m trying to cover a range of topics like we do on the podcast, so put the full feed into your RSS reader and check it out. Now down to the show notes. This was a pretty simple cast.

Part 1: Where Jeff and I ad-lib trust me, it gets interesting once we get the silly out

Part 2: Jeff and I discuss marketability and what it’s place is in the writing process (hint: Jeff is wrong)

Along the way we also talk a bit about motivation and why Jeff isn’t writing any fiction lately. Good stuff, take a listen and give us some feedback, we actually are interested in what our listeners thing, honest. And I know you’re out there, we use up plenty of bandwidth each month. So come on down and tell us what you think. Also spay or neuter your pets (a mention in next weeks podcast to the first person who can explain that last line email me).

2 thoughts on “The Writerly Cast Ep. 3”

  1. Wow. I agree with Josh on this one, Jeff. You can’t compare a finished book to an idea in your head. But on a more basic level, Jeff, you say you want to write. You need to remove excuses and blocks that prevent you from writing. If thinking about markets keep you from putting words on screen, then don’t think about markets.

    Considering you have had Between Heaven and Hell/Unification for… 15-20 years… in your head and in a (by your own admission) rough manuscript, you have had that much time thinking about your audience. And you have no book to show for it. So stop thinking about these extraneous issues.

    For whatever it is worth, I have read MaxGeek and now Writerly Stuff fairly recently, and I’ll say that while the quality may vary, I get the sense that Josh is writing what he wants.

    From Jeff’s output, I suppose he likes writing about mobile tech. Is that the writing legacy you want, Jeff?

  2. I am definitely writing what I want, some of it is definitely rough around the edges but that’s one of the points of writing, to improve. I’d say poetry is the weakest, but I like to think it’s getting better. The bottom line is I’m writing and I’m enjoying it, what more could I ask for?

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