Cool and Random Music

In case you didn’t know I have a terrible music addiction. I’m forever searching for new music (with 10,000+ songs on my computer I often find it). For the last couple of months I haven’t really done any digging for new artists. Well today I stumbled across a band that not only has a fun and polished sound but also has the most of awesome of names. Josh and The Empty Pockets, how cool is that? I mean I dig their sound and their name pretty much describes me (well technically I have stuff in my pockets, but I digress). So what is it I like about this band besides the name you ask? Well I’ll tell you, it’s really simple, I like their sound and I like their lyrics (it doesn’t hurt that there is a killer sax part in one of the songs either).

It’s pretty simple really; there aren’t a lot of albums I listen through once and go “Damn, I really really like this.” Even Narrow Stairs (my personal pick for best album of 2008) didn’t just pull me in from the first listen. I was sold on Under The Bed before the first track was over. The album is in stores April 21st, it’s available from iTunes, the Zune Music store and Amazon MP3 right now. So go take a listen and then buy it.