Father’s Day Awesomeness

I had a really good father’s day. I picked up my girls around noon and they were very happy to see dad. Joy the girls and I went to lunch at Village Inn (I slept in and didn’t eat breakfast so breakfast for lunch sounded yummy). At breakfast they gave me an awesome Superman card that played a message they recorded AND the Superman Theme. Then they surprised me with a most awesome t-shirt. I saw this t-shirt at JC Penny’s months ago and I really wanted it. You see, when I was 11 the first album I ever really fell in love with was Abbey Road. I know I may not be in the majority when I say it is my favorite Beatles album but it is, hands down. Of course I’m not in the minority when I say I love the album cover. So this shirt seemed made for me, the problem was it only went up to XL not XXL.

After some searching my incredibly awesome girlfriend found it for me and not even online, here locally. So that was an excellent surprise. For dinner we went over to Joy’s parents and did BBQ. Pork, chicken, hotlinks and hotdogs. Very yummy and I had to do 0 cooking (which is unusual for me). So while the girls played in their inflatable elephant pool and Joy and her mom made dinner, Joys dad and I watched Gran Torino. Excellent movie, a must see. Overall a most awesome father’s day.