What I’ve Been Writing

OK, I keep saying I’ve been writing but I’ve got nothing to show for it. So here’s the deal, I’ve been writing a lot of poetry. I’ve decided it’s time to put up or shut up (at least about the whole I’m writing thing). So here’s one of the poems I’ve been working on. Now remember I’ve been writing mostly fiction (and screenplays) for a decade. My poetry skills have blunted a bit I fear. With no further ado I give you:


A stray voice in my ear
Whispering secrets of what’s to come
Sweat cooling on my hands as they clench and unclench
Taking on a will of their own
I see a reminder in a passing reflection
I see reminders wherever I look
I close my eyes to deny them, Images form in the dark
More vibrant than any memory, scents and sounds come unbidden
I open my eyes to escape
I turn my mind, each turn leading me closer to the images and sounds
I can no longer escape the scent
I feel the softness beneath my fingers
I begin to drift, losing my way in thoughts and dreams

Soon they’ll be dreams no more
Soon I’ll smell and see and feel
New images will take root in my mind
New secrets will whisper in my ear
New sights and sounds
All just out of reach
All just around the corner
My hands begin to clench and unclench
My palms sweat
My heart beats faster
It’s just out of reach
Taunting me from inches away
Dancing at the edge of my perception