Atlantis Rises

So I’ve been hinting at something coming, some continuation of an old project. Actually it’s more than that. This is a rebranding and restructuring of my Atlantis story.

Instead of the impossible to spell greek spelling of rising, I’m changing the title to Atlantis Rises. I’m also moving away from the serialized 5,000 to 6,000 word issues to a longer 20,000 word story that has an actual end and minimizes the cliff hanger aspect. This include a rewrite of several parts of the first 4 issues which are being combined into the first book. I’m also a little over halfway through the second book which would have been issues 5 through 8.

So if the edits go well I’ll put the revised version of Atlantis Rises up here for free later this week. I’ll also probably be publishing them on the Kindle and E-reader/Fictionwise at $0.99 a book. You know, in case someone wants to pay for them. Which I totally wouldn’t complain about. Heck you can even pay me directly 🙂

I also plan on publishing some companion material to Atlantis Rises as blog posts. Character bios and things like that. So look for those too.